NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Lost yet?

Basically people have figured out how to attach a fingerprint to a digital file. ‘Minting’ that file attaches a smart contract making it possible to trace the origin of that file back to it’s creation. The craziest example of this I’ve seen was the documented burning of a Banksy piece. The piece was scanned so that there could be a minted “Official NFT (Digital Version)” and then they BURNED THE ORIGINAL so that the NFT would be the only version in existence. Transferring the value of the physical piece onto the NFT.

Sure you could take a screenshot and copy a low res version of the file, but that’s like taking a picture of the Mona Lisa and then claiming that it’s just as valuable as the original. If you’re finding this stuff is still a little hard to wrap your head around, you’re not alone, Mitchell Clark over at The Verge published this great ‘explainer.’

We’ve also taken a few extra steps to make these NFTs collectibles a little more enticing by adding ‘Unlockables’ that are only available once the NFT has been purchased. Scroll down to see what we’ve included with each NFT.


We’re very excited to announce that with the release of our upcoming EP ENVY, we will be rolling out a limited NFT collection through Rarible. Each single off the album will be paired with an NFT release. Five copies of each NFT will be minted and available for sale. We will not be creating any future copies so these will be the only in existence. Each NFT will include additional ‘Unlockables’ via a private download link which is only visible to the owner.

Unlockables for each NFT include:

  • High Resolution Render of 'Single' Animation (.mp4)
  • Animated GIF version of ‘Single’ Animation (.gif)
  • Instrumental version of 'Single' (.wav)
  • The actual ProTools session of 'Single’ minus linked audio (.ptx)
  • High Resolution screen grab of the entire 'Single' ProTools session (.jpg)


We love the community that Rarible is building. They are passionate about the platform and have been very helpful in getting us started with the site. Also, everyone sharing in the excitement of the future of blockchain technology doesn’t hurt.

On April 30th Rarible added the ability to top up your wallet with ETH directly through their website using your credit card. This is HUGE news for the platform and can help removing some of the confusion associated with swapping crypto.

4 of the 5 Veins tokens will be on sale for the next month. The 5th NFT will be saved for the release date of ENVY currently scheduled for later this year.